Politics: Dread of ethno-political clashes in Ivory Coast Western district

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

The condition of Ivory Coast is chaotic at the moment. A few days ago, there were several violence and brutality in the build up to the forthcoming election, the violence started between two ethic group but as now escalated to the country at large.

Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest maker of cocoa, A heft of its cocoa creation originates from its western locale.

“We don’t have an identity issue. Ivory Coast itself doesn’t have an identity issue. It was the government officials who sent us political issues.

At the point when individuals accompany sentences like ‘it is on the grounds that I am such and such (identity) that they don’t need me to be an applicant’. At the point when the other one says ‘yes I am Ivorian’. That is the thing that began these issues. Here we lived in wonderful amicability.” – the expressions of Anon, an inhabitant of Carrefour.

For Maurice Zéabahi, Guitrozon town boss, “the genuine issue is the land, however it’s the individuals who came to look for land here. The ones who needed to suitable the land.

The land issue isn’t between the occupants of this town. The issue is the individuals who have originated from somewhere else looking for arable land, who need to settle and develop crops”.

Everybody is hoping for some level of sanity and that peace should reign in the country as the election approaches.