President of Puntland

Puntland President SaedDeni “Farmajo Cannot Be Trusted”

PuntlandState President SaedAbdullahiDeni, who addressed politicians and sections of the public at the PDRC forum, spoke about sensitive issues and hidden information about Farmajo’s plots to take over the country. He spoke of the various ways in which Farmajo had failed the consecutive conferences to resolve the electoral dispute. Deni spoke about the reasons for the failure of the reconciliation talks, and the delay in the elections. He specifically pointed out that Farmajo wanted to divide Jubaland and make Gedo region independent fromJubaland which shows that he is defending the interests of his family in this region.

President Deni accused Farmajo, who is now an illegitimate president, of being as untrustworthy as the opposition and of destabilizing the country. He spoke specifically about the February 19 incident in which the government brutally opened fire on civilians and opposition leaders who were protesting peacefully and expressed serious concern that Farmajo can lead civil war Farmajo in Somalia if lessons are not learned from what happened in the 1980s.

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Hiden information provided by Deni included that Farmajo was angry at the meeting between Deni and the Jubaland president and traditional elders of the Hawiye clan and made it clear that they should not have met him as he had invited them. He said, “When we arrived in Mogadishu, Farmajo openly criticized us for meeting with Hawiye elders. Why did you meet with Hawiye politicians and elders? I invited you. “You see, and do not negotiate a solution for Somalia and the Somali people are not divided, I said that is not possible.”

Puntland President SaedDeni also accused the Farmajo government of illegally interfering in the formation of some regional administrations, particularly in the South West and Galmudug States. He pointed out that there was bloodshed and the government always wanted to be in control of any administration.

President Deni also compares the current Alshabaab and the illegitimate Farmajo as they are equally afraid of Alshabab and Villa Somalia. “Are we afraid of al-Shabaab or Villa Somalia, because there is no difference between what they are using and we are always in danger,” he said.

However President Deni exposed the naked greed of the illegitimate president Farmajo who wanted to divide the country. It is also clear from President Deni’s speech that Farmajo wants to win the top post for whatever reason, given what happened on February 19, which indicates that Farmajo is not ready to hold an election.