qatar discusses with tunisia president

Qatar discusses safe haven for Ghannouchi in a phone call with Tunisian president as it fears secrecy breach

Qatar is trying to mediate through the political crisis of Tunisia but its motives go far beyond that especially given its interest of the country in Tunisia’s internal affairs. After being severely sidelined by the European countries, the Arab country is now looking at establishing its presence in regional 

Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, the emir of Qatar, called the Tunisian president Kais Saied to talk about the turmoil in the nation but the subject of the call was never on record. The situation in Tunisia is getting worse with every passing day. The recent activities of Qatar show that it might not be a diplomatic hand that the country is extending to Tunisia rather it might have to do with the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Doha has a knack for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and when it comes to the middle east, this interest is increasing threefold. There is undeniable support of the Qatari kingdom to the Muslim Brotherhood and the call that the emir made on Wednesday further confirms the same. 

The emir has allegedly asked Tunisia to help the Brotherhood with its affairs and let them set up an operational base in the country. Qatar is leaving no stones unturned to make efforts for the terror group and that indicates its willingness to embrace terrorists and extremists inside its borders. 

There have been numerous attempts from Qatar to various Arab countries to deport extremist leaders to their land in exchange of a promise to keep them safe. They have, in a way, started to establish a huge terrorism base in the country after providing a safe haven for the heads of the extremists or militant groups. 

The recent cases of arrests made in line to curb terrorism were majorly found to be in Qatar. All the names in recent years that have emerged in context with extremist activities have found some or the other link to Qatar and despite being well aware of this, Qatar is ignoring the allegations very conveniently. 

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Tunisia is still threatened by the attacks of the Muslim Brotherhood and if Qatar still continues to push for an operational base for the terror group in Tunisia, it might further extend the level of damage in the country. 

The phone call was a sign that Qatar was attempting to save its puppet Rachid Ghannouchi. Ghannouchi is the only elite political contact of Qatar in Tunisia and the emir is making all sorts of attempts to save its powerful contact. 

The parliamentarian is extremely important for Qatar not only because of his contacts but because Qatar fears that he might reveal all the terrorist networks operating under Qatar. He allegedly is aware of the whereabouts of Daesh fighters and their operations in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

There are arms embargo is many of these nations so Qatar is trying its level best to avoid any suspicions in the arm trafficking to the Muslim Brotherhood and send those along with ammunition to Libya. Qatar has therefore asked Tunisia that it will be getting an asylum facility for Ghannouchi. 

Along with this, the Tunisian president was also offered a bait of ending all the Islamist programs in the country in exchange of an office of Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera is a state-owned media network known for biased coverage of the regional disputes to promote Qatar in a good light.