refugeesustaining hope uaes long term support for sudanese refugeess

RefugeeSustaining Hope: UAE’s Long-Term Support for Sudanese Refugeess

UAE’s 100-Tonne Aid for South Sudanese Refugees

In a testament to its commitment to global welfare, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a decisive step by dispatching a plane laden with 100 tonnes of food supplies to the Republic of South Sudan. This benevolent initiative, executed through the World Food Programme, aims to address the essential humanitarian needs of Sudanese refugees facing challenges in South Sudan.

Strengthening Bilateral Relations

His Excellency Sultan Al Shamsi, the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for International Development Affairs, underscored the significance of providing aid to South Sudan through the World Food Programme. He emphasized that this endeavor aligns with the UAE’s extensive humanitarian assistance initiatives, extending its support to several neighboring countries of Sudan. The UAE’s efforts are strategically designed to fortify the humanitarian response of local communities hosting refugees, ensuring that they receive crucial food supplies, necessities, and medical services.

Unwavering Commitment in Crisis

Beyond Borders: UAE’s Dedication in Crisis Zones

HE Al Shamsi highlighted the UAE’s unwavering commitment since the outbreak of the crisis in Sudan. The initiation of an air bridge with Sudan and Chad exemplifies the country’s ongoing efforts to offer assistance to Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries, with a specific focus on the most vulnerable groups, including the sick, children, elderly, and women.

In quantifiable terms, the UAE has demonstrated its dedication through the provision of 8,810 tonnes of food and medical supplies facilitated by the operation of 133 relief planes. Additionally, a ship carrying approximately 1,000 tonnes of urgent relief supplies has been dispatched. The UAE’s support goes beyond immediate aid, with the reconstruction of three schools, the construction of three wells, and the establishment of a field hospital in the Chadian city of Amdjarass.

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Holistic Humanitarian Outreach

The field hospital in Amdjarass serves as a critical lifeline for both Sudanese and Chadian civilians in need of medical care. This facility provides treatment not only for refugees fleeing the conflict but also for Chadian residents, creating a cohesive approach to addressing the broader health needs of the region.

The multifaceted humanitarian efforts of the UAE encompass various dimensions, reflecting its commitment to making a meaningful impact on the ground. The aid distribution, spanning air and sea transportation, underlines the logistical prowess and comprehensive planning that the UAE employs in executing its humanitarian missions.

Sustaining Hope and Support

The UAE’s provision of 100 tonnes of food supplies to Sudanese refugees in South Sudan through the World Food Programme epitomizes a beacon of hope and support. The country’s sustained commitment to addressing the crisis in Sudan, both directly and through neighboring countries, showcases a model of compassionate diplomacy that aims to alleviate the plight of those in need.