Renda to provide logistic services for businesses in Nigeria

Renda to provide logistic services for businesses in Nigeria

When you run an eCommerce business, logistics may be a real pain, especially if you need to manage various delivery locations and riders. Given how crucial order fulfilment is to your clients, you should make sure you have everything under control and that it generates favourable evaluations.

Renda is a startup that assists African small- and medium-sized eCommerce companies in crossing this off their lists. Therefore, this article will explain what Renda Africa is, how it functions, and how it may help you as a business owner.

An internet portal called Renda makes it simple to get access to logistical services. However, they concentrate on all of the other bulk logistics services as well, such as procurement, warehousing, inventory management, freight, and much more, in addition to just finding a dispatch rider. You may therefore locate any exact type of logistics solution you require from the platform.

Due to their partnerships with numerous companies that can offer dependable transportation, purchasing, and warehousing services, Renda also makes it simple to acquire bids for logistics services. Despite targeting Africans, this startup is now exclusively available in Nigeria.

Renda currently offers a variety of features to assist businesses in raising their order fulfilment rate.

Purchase products in bulk from China, the US, and the UK for your online store. You can buy your things on the Renda platform and have them delivered to your warehouse or office. You may manage the order, the shipping procedure, and all other logistics with the aid of this platform.

You can choose a storage provider for your subsequent shipment of goods from the over 90 facilities that are accessible. You can delegate this to Renda since many internet business entrepreneurs need to build an office to hold their inventory.

Additionally, Renda handles updating your inventory so you don’t have to. By instantly changing an item’s status, you may improve the user experience in addition to better managing your supply.

At the time of writing, Renda offers two options for retail distribution: last-mile and doorstep delivery. You can easily request any of their 300+ drivers and logistical partners for your company because they have collaborated with them.

Of course, you can examine prices and provide information about your orders so that your clients receive them on schedule. Here, distribution also refers to transportation. This implies that you might ask to have your items transported from a certain Nigerian state.

Dashboards and the platform as a whole are currently custom-built. So, in order to get started, you must submit a form with your contact details and ask for a call. You can discuss your needs in detail during this session and determine the best course of action for your company.