russia offers aid to the somalian army in the fight against terrorist groups.

Russia offers aid to the Somalian army in the fight against terrorist groups

According to statements made by Russia’s foreign minister on Friday, Russia is prepared to offer Somalia’s army military equipment to aid in the country’s fight against terrorism. After having discussions with his Somali counterpart, Abshir Omar Jama, in Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made the offer to Abshir Omar Jama.

Moscow underlined its readiness to meet the material needs of the Somalian army in its struggle against extremists that remain on Somalian territory, including al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda, according to Russia’s top diplomat, who claimed that Moscow made the statement.

The offer demonstrates Russia’s rising interest in the African continent, which is overtaking the interest of the West in nations that are currently experiencing strife. Wagner, a group of Russian mercenaries, can be found in the Central African Republic, Mali, Mozambique, and Libya at the present time.

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Al-Shabab, an extremist group affiliated with al-Qaida in East Africa, has carried out a number of attacks on Somalia in recent years. In response, the Somalian government has recently launched what has been referred to as the most serious operation against the al-Shabab extremist group in more than a decade.

The nation’s rehabilitation from decades of conflict has been slowed down due to the extremist group’s actions. In order to combat insurgencies and internal challenges to their control in Africa, Russia’s strategy has consisted of forging alliances with regimes or juntas that the West despises. Alternatively, Russia has chosen to face insurgencies and internal threats to its rule.

The Kremlin bestows respect on the African leaders, and Wagner lends them the strength of his troops. They make up for it, though, by providing Russia with preferential access to its oil, gas, gold, diamonds, and other important resources. The extent of Russian influence in Africa was demonstrated when the United Nations voted on a resolution condemning the invasion of Ukraine, and 17 of the 35 countries that abstained from the vote were from Africa.

However, Somalia has been attempting to improve its relations with Russia, which were broken in 1978 when Moscow supported Ethiopia in a conflict with Somalia. Despite this, Somalia voted in favor of the resolution concerning Ukraine.