uae’s impact on african countries

UAE’s impact on African countries

Naledi Pandor, the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, in an interview with WION, talked about the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She claimed that the UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico and Nigeria wanted to join BRICS, an informal group of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. 

Naledi Pandor said that the UAE formally applied for BRICS membership. In an interview with the Indian News channel WION, she lauded the expansion of BRICS. 

The UAE has strong economic ties with various African countries. The UAE has also helped various African countries during conflict. The UAE is also the African continent’s second-largest foreign investor after China. 

The UAE played an important role in helping make peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Eritrean-Ethiopian rapprochement was lauded by various global leaders. World leaders lauded the efforts of the UAE in establishing peace in the region. 

When South Africa was hit by floods last year, the UAE sent an aid aircraft, carrying 50 metric tonnes of food supplies to Durban city, in order to help flood victims. Mahash Saeed Al Hameli, UAE Ambassador to South Africa, thanked the UAE for providing humanitarian aid to South Africa. 

When floods wreaked havoc in Sudan, a country in North Africa, in August 2022, the UAE sent relief aid to help flood victims. The UAE transported large quantities of urgent humanitarian relief aid through an air bridge to those affected by the torrential rains and floods in Sudan. The UAE was among the first country to help Sudan during the crisis. 

When floods caused problems in Mauritania, a country in Africa, the UAE provided food items to people affected by the torrential rains and floods. Hamad Ghanem Al Mehairi, UAE Ambassador to Mauritania, praised the continuous support of the UAE. 

Last year, the UAE also renewed its commitment to support the efforts of the African Union (AU) in resolving the dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Nile River issues. The UAE urged Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to negotiate on the GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Agreement) in order to solve the exploitation of the Nile River in northeastern Africa.

During the conflict between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the UAE repeatedly called on the Ethiopian government to establish peace in the country by participating in peace talks. 

The UAE also played a key role in peace efforts in Yemen. The UAE tried to mediate to establish peace in Yemen and called on the international community to support adherence to the truce for establishing peace in the country. 

African companies also have a strong presence in the UAE. More than 21,000 companies are operating in the UAE.