ruth chepngetich aims for 3rd consecutive win in chicago marathon

Ruth Chepngetich Aims For 3rd Consecutive Win In Chicago Marathon

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon, an event of marathon running, is scheduled to take place on October 8, 2023. The reigning champion, Ruth Chepngetich, is determined to defend her title and achieve her third consecutive victory in Chicago. 

Ruth Chepngetich, from Kenya, delivered a remarkable performance in the previous year’s marathon, finishing with a time of 2:14:18, just 14 seconds away from the world record. Her time marked the second-fastest women’s marathon performance in history.

Chepngetich has set her sights on surpassing her personal best this year and is eager to demonstrate her prowess once again on the streets of Chicago. She considers the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to be the ultimate marathon competition.

However, Chepngetich will face fierce competition from two prominent athletes. Sifan Hassan, a double Olympic gold medalist representing the Netherlands, is making her presence known in the marathon world. Despite it being her debut marathon in London earlier this year, Hassan overcame a 25-second deficit and won the race, setting a national record of 2:18:33. 

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Hassan is also preparing for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, which takes place less than six weeks before the Chicago Marathon. Her marathon preparation will be relatively short, but she is eager to embrace the challenge and learn from the experience.

Another formidable contender is Emily Sisson, the current holder of the US marathon record. Sisson, who finished as the runner-up in last year’s Chicago Marathon with a time of 2:18:29, has decided to skip the track season in order to focus solely on her marathon preparation. 

She believes that the strong competition at the Chicago Marathon will elevate her performance, aiming to run even faster this year.

Ruth Chepngetich aims to secure her third consecutive victory at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and improve her personal best. 

Sifan Hassan, a double Olympic gold medalist, will challenge Chepngetich after her impressive marathon debut in London. 

Emily Sisson, the US marathon record-holder, is skipping the track season to concentrate on the Chicago Marathon and aims to capitalize on the fierce competition to achieve a faster time. 

The race promises to be an exciting showdown between these exceptional athletes on October 8, 2023.