rwanda prepares for the arrival of the first uk migrants in a few days

Rwanda prepares for the arrival of the first UK migrants in a few days

This week, on June 14, an aircraft carrying the first migrants to be transferred to Rwanda from the United Kingdom is expected to arrive. Rwanda is making preparations to meet these refugees. The Hope Hostel in Kigali is going to be the place where the asylum seekers stay while they are in the city. Because of the anxiety that has been caused by the widely condemned deportation plan, the management of the hostel wishes to reassure everyone. “This place is not a jail or a prison, it is a home much like the one we have. To put it simply, we act as a motel for them (the migrants). When staying in a hotel, a person will have complete freedom to do whatever they like. So if guests want to leave the hotel, there won’t be an issue.” Ismael Bakina, the manager of Hope Hostel, emphasizes the importance of this.

According to Kigali, London would contribute up to 144 million euros to the scheme, and the government is adamant that refugees will be “integrated into communities across the country” in a short amount of time. A concluding comment with which Leonidas Hakizimana is in agreement: “We cordially welcome the migrants because Rwanda is a good country that loves its citizens and those from other countries,” says the driver of the motorcycle taxi. Their new homes have been prepared for them, and they will be safe. We are overjoyed that others have found their way here in order to find refuge. It is widely known that Rwanda is a “welcoming country”.

As of September of the previous year, the United Nations estimated that Rwanda was providing shelter to more than 127,000 refugees, about half of whom were children. The Congolese made up the largest proportion, followed by Burundians. Since it was signed in April of last year, the plan has been roundly criticized by organizations that advocate for human rights as well as by lawmakers representing all parties in both nations.

“There are thousands of young people in Rwanda who are currently jobless.”If you are unable to provide employment opportunities to your own population, to your young people, and if the youth of Rwanda do not have jobs, then it is difficult to understand how the government of Rwanda can promote employment opportunities for these refugees who are going to come here to Rwanda,” asserts Victoire Ingabire, the leader of the opposition party known as “Development And Liberty For All,” which is not officially recognized said.

The British heir to the throne is said to have called the idea “appalling” in private conversations, which The Times reported. On Friday, June 10, an attempt by a few organizations advocating for human rights to stop the departure of the first plane by taking the matter to court was unsuccessful.