several moroccans demonstrate against the high cost of life

Several Moroccans demonstrate against the high cost of life.

On Sunday, a trade union with ties to the most prominent Islamist party in Morocco rallied several hundred of the party’s members in the capital to demonstrate against the country’s high cost of living. The gathering in front of the parliament was just one of many protests that have already happened this week in Rabat and other Moroccan cities.

“This demonstration is being organized by Our Union today in order to address not only public opinion but also the government, the parliament, political, economic, and social parties, as well as living forces. “Enough (of strangling the people) with the low purchasing power of the people, enough of the high prices of fuel, raw materials, and groceries, and enough of the government’s inability to do anything about it,” said Mohamed Zouiten, a trade unionist.

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Let’s put an end to the stifling of purchasing power, as well as the non-increase in salaries, the high cost of living, and the high cost of gasoline at all levels. “All of this causes the citizens to suffer, and we have a responsibility to make sure that our voices are heard so that this injustice is removed from them and so that the government will take action and keep the promises it made during the most recent election campaigns,” said Fatema Belahcen, a trade unionist. “

The most influential labor union in the country, the UNTM, which has close ties to the Justice and Development Party, was the one in charge of organizing the event (PJD). The liberal RNI party, which was led by Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, performed strongly in the legislative elections that took place in September 2021, and the PJD was soundly defeated as a result.

Approximately ninety minutes later, after chanting “Prices are rising and the administration is asleep!” the demonstrators dispersed quietly and left the area. The year-over-year rate of inflation in consumer prices was 8.3 percent in September. This year’s 14.7 percent increase in food prices was a major contributor to this.

Given that Akhannouch is a billionaire local oil distribution magnate, he has been a particular focus of people’s ire as a result of the dramatic increase in the price of fuel.