Somali protest

Somalia: Protest against Government Disturbed and Explosions In Mogadishu

Saturday’s protest was again called off by the Union of Candidates, who called on their supporters to show restraint and be tired of the long-running ruling government of Farmajo after the government deployed troops to the planned protest sites.

The government again withdrew from the protest agreement, which had been approved by the government, and again failed, with the government deploying large numbers of troops to protest sites.

Meanwhile, a coalition of candidates said they had canceled the protests on the grounds that the government had failed to play its role in providing security and had deployed troops. Former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and chairman of the Union of Candidates have officially announced the decision to postpone the rally, and said they will announce the date of the rally again.

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Since the agreement was reached between Roble and the opposition leaders, there has been great hope for rapprochement, but last night’s meeting was called off with the opposition accusing Roble of being a man of no control and no decision.

Meanwhile, preliminary details are available on the casualties caused by a powerful explosion in Mogadishu tonight, especially in Hamar-Jajab district.

At least 20 people were killed and 30 were injured in the blast, according to the Amin Ambulance service.

Somali government security agencies have not yet commented on the blast. The bomber struck a NOAH truck loaded with explosives, which was parked in front of a Luul-Yemeni restaurant not far from the main port of Mogadishu.