file photo: file photo: moderna could be ready to develop omicron booster in weeks

South Africa develops a copy of the Moderna vaccine (Covid-19)

Last updated on February 5th, 2022 at 12:34 pm

A game-changing breakthrough by South African scientists has resulted in the successful replication of the Moderna Covid vaccine, a development that could put an end to vaccine scarcity in impoverished countries. According to Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines, a biotechnology business based in Cape Town, the development has been made public.

For this reason, the goal is to have a highly efficient and safe drug substance, but the drug product should have a different stability and be more suitable for distribution at temperatures that are feasible and possible in Africa, “said Petro Terblanche, managing director of Afrigen.” “The goal is to have a highly efficient and safe drug substance,” he added. Currently, the company is working on duplicating the vaccine as part of the World Health Organization’s endeavor to make COVID-related technology and therapies more freely available around the world.

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Moderna’s jab is made possible by the use of mRNA technology. The company stated that it aimed to begin clinical trials later this year. In this case, Moderna was picked since the corporation has stated that it will not enforce its patent restrictions during the epidemic.

Africa is the world’s least vaccinated continent, with governments reliant on handouts from wealthier nations to maintain their health. In response, activists have called for COVID vaccinations to be manufactured on the African continent in order to put an end to what they have dubbed “vaccine apartheid.”