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South Africa is Eager to be removed from the UK’s travel blacklist

 South AfricaSouth Africa – The United Kingdom has placed South Africa on its red-list of African countries, which means that travel from certain countries is prohibited. People from the United Kingdom are prohibited from coming to South Africa as a result of their being on the red list. It also implies that anyone flying from the United Kingdom to South Africa will be subjected to a 10-day quarantine when they return home, even if they are completely vaccinated and coronavirus-free.

 The Department of Health and the UK High Commission discussed the current trends in Covid-19 as well as the country’s vaccination program in a recent meeting. “We applaud the UK High Commission’s and the UK government’s engagement with South African scientists and medical experts. That conversation has been quite beneficial. We feel heard and involved. We believe that a proper grasp of South Africa’s potential has now been achieved. We are ecstatic to learn that South Africa is likely to be removed from the red list “According to Jon FosterPedley, Chairman of the Board of the British Chamber of Commerce in South Africa.

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 The most developed economy in Africa is keen to welcome visitors. Over 16 million immunizations have been administered throughout the country. The United Kingdom accounts for a significant portion of the country’s visitors. The World Travel and Tourism Council warned that London’s prolonged designation of South Africa as a “red list” country could exacerbate the country’s economic woes, which have already resulted in the loss of millions of jobs. Others argue that the United Kingdom’s stance will harm bilateral trade and economic connections.

 “South Africa believes in diplomacy,” stated Black Business Council CEO Kganki Matabane. “In diplomacy, you don’t tit for tat.You should also look into the economic scale of the countries with which you’re dealing. Because the UK is not smaller than us, you must evaluate the economic repercussions of your decision before taking any additional dramatic steps “he said In a fortnight, the UK will reassess its border controls.