south africas tourism suffers urges the uk to review britains covid travel red list

South Africa’s Tourism Suffers, Urges the UK to Review Britain’s Covid Travel Red List

 South Africa South Africa – South Africa is worried as it continues to be on the UK’s travel red list, despite decreasing Covid-19 cases. The travel status negatively affects the South African tourism sector, also disappointing people who desire to visit their families in Britain. 

However, there is hope that a meeting between South African government scientists and the United Kingdom could prompt Britain to review their red list.

On Monday, They discussed the most recent trends on coronavirus vaccine and surveillance programs. The bilateral meeting attempted to increase confidence in SA’s scientific expertise and vaccination drive.

Two weeks ago, Britain published its refreshed travel list, a significant disappointment for South Africa as its name is still there, while Britain had removed eight nations from the list, including Egypt and Kenya.

David Frost, CEO of South Africa’s inbound travel industry association, says the decreasing number of British travelers costs the SA $1.7 million per day.

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David Maynier, the Western Cape Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities expressed that Western Cape Province had suffered more than 75 000 jobs in the travel sector since last year.

Maynier added that he had composed a letter to Elizabeth Truss, the UK Secretary for Foreign Affairs, requesting her to remove South Africa from UK’s travel red list.

Africa’s Centers for Disease Control is likewise urging the United Kingdom to audit its stance once more.

Under the UK red rundown, travelers in those nations should go through a compulsory quarantine for ten days at a hotel. They will have to pay for the expenses before being permitted into the UK.

As indicated by VOA News, thousands of people have signed a petition urging British legislators to ease travel limitations for South Africans, with many complaining over family separation. 

However, the UK Embassy in South Africa emphasized the decision, saying it continues to be worried about the presence of the covid beta variant and its ability to overpower vaccines.