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South African Hotels introduce new Robot for helping Customers during COVID19

Last updated on December 18th, 2021 at 07:05 am

Since the advent of COVID 19 the world has been dealing with its problem. The world was busy trying to find a way to avoid or alleviate its suffering and social relations were strained. Society is inseparable, and there is a need for a way of communicating and contacting during life transections to transfer what people need from each other.

Africa is a continent with least technological growth, but some African countries are inventing better technology to deal life problems. South Africa is one of the best countries in terms of technology in Africa and is one of the countries affected by Covid’s disease 19 as well. Some South African companies have tried to create a robot that serves customers to reduce contact during Covid 19.  A popular hotel in Johensburg has introduced a robot that serves customers. A girl is met face-to-face with a variety of colorful humanoid devices – it is rare in any hotel, that robot serves customers.

According to local media, three devices are roaming the 453-room Sky3 hotel, answering guests’ queries and delivering room service orders. Placed before the outbreak, the hotel has adopted even more new technology than previously deployed, to help reduce the risk of infection with Covid-19 in a country that has recorded nearly 45,000 deaths.

The staff of Sky Hotel in the affluent district of Sandton in Johannesburg adheres to strict COVID-19 protocols, wearing a mask and avoiding guests as much as possible; but the hotel has added a robot for customers to help with the invitation.

Robot hospitality is nothing new – Japanese hotels were evacuating them in 2015 Tokyo’s Henn’na, or ‘Strange‘, the hotel became the first fully operational machine. Several robot-operated hotels are now using them to serve guests with thinner coatings of COVID-19.