supporters demonstrate in niamey no to ecowas

Supporters demonstrate in Niamey ‘no to ECOWAS’

A week after the toppling of elected President Mohamed Bazoum, European citizens have been evacuating from Niger, which has had a key role in French and Western strategies to combat a jihadist insurgency that has plagued the Sahel since 2012. 

Niger is the fourth member of the group to undergo a putsch since 2020. Senegal said Thursday it would send soldiers to join ECOWAS if it decided to intervene militarily in Niger. Bazoum has been held by the coup plotters since July 26, prompting US President Joe Biden to call for his immediate release Thursday, urging the «preservation of Niger’s hard-earned democracy».

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Britain and the United States have announced the pulling back of embassy personnel in Niger as a precaution. Paris which said Thursday it had completed its evacuation flights urged the junta led by General Abdourahamane Tiani to «fully guarantee» the safety of embassies in Niamey ahead of Thursday’s protests.