survival game palworld surpasses 1 million players landmark

Survival Game Palworld Surpasses 1 Million Players Landmark

Palworld is a new video game where players can explore an open world, survive, and craft things. It has become very popular, with over 1 million people playing it at the same time. The game is challenging, with limited resources and dangerous enemies. You can play with others online and explore different environments.

Palworld is a survival game where you live in a world with creatures called Pals. You can choose to live peacefully with them or fight against poachers. 

These Pals can help you in battles, and work on farms, and you can even trade or eat them. The game is about surviving in a tough world, finding food, and dealing with danger. 

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Now, about playing with friends on different devices. If you have the game on Xbox or the Microsoft Store, you can play with others on these platforms and your game progress will be saved across both. 

This means if you play on Xbox and then switch to Microsoft Store, you won’t lose your game progress. But, if you’re playing on Steam, which is another way to play games on your computer, you can’t do this yet. You also can’t play with people on Xbox or Microsoft Store.

The reason is that the Steam version of the game is made differently. But, the good news is the game makers, Pocketpair, are planning to change this. 

They want to make it so you can play with friends on Xbox and Microsoft Store even if you’re on Steam. But it might take some time. They also might let you save your game progress across these platforms in the future.

Right now, you can play Palworld on Xbox consoles and Windows PC through either the Microsoft Store or Steam. It’s one of the most popular games of the year. 

So, if you have it on Xbox or Microsoft Store, you can play with friends on these platforms and not worry about losing your progress when you switch devices. But for Steam players, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to play with friends on other platforms.