President Magafuli

Tanzania Denies President Magafuli Suffering From COVID19

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

Tanzanian Prime Minister KassimMajaliwa has denied rumors for almost a week that President John Magufuli is ill, saying he is “healthy and carrying on as usual.” Magafuli was diagnosed with Covid 19 and was flown to Nairobi, Kenya as per media.

Majaliwa, who spoke during Islamic Friday prayers in southern Tanzania, urged Tanzanians to ignore reports that their leader is ill. The issue comes after Magafuli previously denied that Covid 19 was a contagious disease, but many in his country have died from the infection.

The prime minister did not elaborate on the president’s whereabouts and did not explain why he had not been seen in public for nearly two weeks, amid rumors that he had contracted with COVID-19 and was on medical leave abroad. .

Tanzanian opposition leader TunduLissu, who left for Belgium after a dispute over last year’s election defeat Magufuli, said the president was taken to a private hospital in neighboring Kenya and then to the country.

Prime Minister KassimMajaliwa has denied the allegations, accusing Tanzanians living abroad of “hate” stories about the president. He said: “Tanzania should be safe. Our president is doing well, healthy and works,” he said in a speech delivered after Friday prayers in the southern province Njobe. Spreading rumors that he is sick as a result of hatred.

The Tanzanian government led by President Magufuli has publicly denied the existence of coronavirus nationwide, although doctors have repeatedly reported several cases of patients with respiratory problems.

The government also continued to censor journalists when covering Coronavirus. Some were injured, according to Amnesty International. This was also the case with foreign journalists who reported the Covid-19 cases.

On the other hand, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a recent warning to Tanzania that the country’s COVID-19 standard was “extremely high”. She did not provide any details but urged all trips to the East African country.