Tanzania: President Magufuli Set To Begin Second Term

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:16 am

President John Magufuli has been sworn in, as the president of Tanzania for a second term in office. Like every African president seeking re-election, he defeated his closest challengers with a wide margin, to retain his position as president in the just concluded elections.

His introduction in Dodoma, the Tanzanian capital, went on in spite of resistance requests that new decisions be held in the wake of revealing boundless inconsistencies in the October 28 survey.

The president asked public solidarity and vowed to work for all Tanzanians, in the wake of making the vow of office and waving a stylized lance and shield before a group that included provincial pioneers and ministers.

Resistance members said that the Elections were shady and there were some irregularities, that clouded the outcome of the election. Now that President Magufuli has been sworn in, we hope that there’s peace in the country.