Tanzania: Tundu Lissu Back In Belgium In Exile

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:16 am

Popular Resistance leader Tundu Lissu in Tanzania has been sent to exile in Belgium due to the political unrest in the country. His followers has caused great mischief in the country, which as seen him sent to exile in a foreign country.

Nothing to mess with in the wake of enduring a 2017 death endeavor which almost ended his life.

The long term legislator discloses his re-visitation of Europe, “Following the political decision was called out, what passes for the political race, the security that I had, the security detail that was given to me during the political race was eliminated, and the following day.

Tundu Lissu is particularly agitated about the outcome of the presidential election that saw Incumbent president John Magufuli win the re-election for a second term. The opposition has questioned the credibility of the election day there were massive irregularities.