the president of portugal is in south africa on a state visit.

The president of Portugal is in South Africa on a state visit

On Tuesday, June 6, the head of South Africa extended a warm greeting to his Portuguese colleague. Cyril Ramaphosa provided information regarding the meeting that he had the day before with the leaders of state from Zambia, Senegal, and the Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Egypt during a press conference.

According to the South African presidency, both presidents have confirmed that they are available to travel to Ukraine and Russia around the middle of June. “Yesterday we met, and we confirmed that we are now at a stage where we are going to visit Kiev and Moscow, and our mission is really a peace mission, and we want to dub it a road to peace,” Ramaphos said.

The first thing that we addressed between ourselves was that we want to listen to all sides and that they each need to describe for us their own perspective on the war, in addition to what their barebones criteria are for bringing an end to the fight.” An agreement on defense cooperation was struck between Lisbon and Pretoria while the president of Portugal was in South Africa on a state visit. The ongoing conflict in Mozambique was a topic of conversation between Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa and his colleague.

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An agreement on the cooperation of the two countries’ armed forces was inked. The ongoing war in Mozambique was another topic that was discussed between Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and his colleague. The state visit of the Portuguese Republic to South Africa takes place during the same week that Portugal celebrates its National Day on June 10th, 2023. Every year, the President of Portugal participates in the celebration of the Day of Portugal with people from the Portuguese Diaspora.

According to him, “Portugal’s current cooperation with Mozambique is in an area linked to support for the assertion of the full territorial integrity of the sovereign state and the security that is threatened by terrorist attacks in northern Mozambique.” During their meeting in Pretoria, the leaders of the two countries discussed a variety of topics, including prospects for mutual benefit in the fields of research and innovation, education, and energy.

The head of state of Portugal will be making a state visit to South Africa during the same week that Portugal will be celebrating its National Day. Every year, the President of Portugal travels to a new nation to mark the Day of the Portuguese Diaspora with Portuguese communities there. There are roughly 500,000 South Africans who are of Portuguese heritage, in addition to approximately 200,000 Portuguese nationals who currently reside permanently in South Africa.