the sudanese general reappoints himself and tightens his grip on power

The Sudanese general reappoints himself and tightens his grip on power

 Sudan Sudan – Sudan’s senior general reassigned himself as the interim governing body’s head on Thursday. Pro-democracy groups had no immediate reaction to General Abdel-Fattah Burhan’s departure, which was announced on state television.

Several other members of the body served on the previous council, which Burhan presided over before dissolving it in the coup last month. On Thursday, the body’s prominent paramilitary head, Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, was reappointed as vice-president. According to state television, Burhan reappointed three generals who had previously served on the council as council members.

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Burhan’s pronouncement on Thursday, two weeks after leading a coup against civilian officials, is considered an indication that he is consolidating his control of the country. The development occurred despite the military’s repeated vows to give up power to civilian authorities. Over 100 government officials and political figures, as well as a substantial number of demonstrators and activists, have been jailed since the October 25 coup.

According to Sudanese physicians and the United Nations, at least 14 anti-coup demonstrators have been murdered as a result of security forces’ excessive use of force. Sudan has been in the midst of a delicate transition since longtime despot Omar al-Bashir was deposed in a pro-democracy rebellion in 2019. After the military struck a power-sharing agreement with pro-democracy factions in the summer of 2019, the 11-member Sovereign Council was constituted.