they danced and died tragic teen party mystery in south africa

They Danced And Died: Tragic Teen Party Mystery In South Africa

In a tragic incident in South Africa, 21 underage teenagers died after partying at a mysterious nightclub. “They died as they danced,” Police Minister Bheki Cele said. 

Teenagers, including the 13 years old girl, died the weekend after a night out at a township tavern in South Africa. The main cause of death remains unclear.

Police officials found their bodies lying on tables, slumped in chairs and couches on Sunday. Reportedly, the teenagers were celebrating the end of their high-school exams on Saturday night. 

There were no visible wounds on the bodies. Bheki Cele said. “They dance, fall, and die. Literally.” Police have ruled out that a stampede or a gas leak can be a possible cause of the tragic incident. 

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The officials have also sent forensic samples from the victims to a toxicology laboratory to investigate the cause of the incident. Autopsies report would determine if the teens ingested a poison or a toxin at the party.

What happened at the party?

Police said that the teenagers were called to the Enyobeni Tavern in the city of East London in Eastern Cape province at around 4 a.m for the party. Crowds of people, including parents whose children were missing, gathered in the early hours of Sunday morning outside the tavern. 

According to the police, 17 of the teenagers were found dead in the nightclub, 2 died at a local clinic, 1 died on the way to another hospital and 1 died at that hospital. The provincial government of the Eastern Cape revealed that 8 girls and 13 boys died. 

Drinking is not allowed to people under 18 in township taverns. However, people don’t follow these rules. Safety regulations and laws are not always enforced. Teenagers usually buy alcohol and drink without any fear. South Africa is among the countries in Africa where most alcohol is consumed.