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US, UK threaten DF, State Government leaders

There is still controversy over electoral issues between the current outdated government and state governments. Discussions are underway under the auspices of the international community. The Security Council recommended that the Farmajo government hold free and fair elections   to save the country from its current predicament.

There have been repeated calls from international and regional representatives to resolve the dispute over the election. UN Security Council held several meetings discussing the political situation in Somalia, particularly the conflict in the election has already been called on Somali leaders to reach a quick solution to the election dispute.

The United States and the United Kingdom, two of the five members of the Security Council, have stated opposition to using force or imposing sanctions.

According to sources in the United States and the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has stated that he will take action against the leaders who are obstructing the election process.

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These powerful powers in the Security Council have called on the leaders of the Federal Government and regional administrations. They suggested that they must reach an agreement on holding free and fair elections with the consent of the political parties.

This threatening message and the efforts of the international community have led to a meeting of the heads of the Federal and State Governments that have not been allowed to the media and have not yet yielded any results.