“we have a ghost” review

“We Have a Ghost” Movie review

We Have a Ghost is a 2023 Comedy/Adventure film. It was released on 24 February 2023. The director of the film is Christopher Landon. It is based on “Ernest” by Geoff Manaugh. The film is produced by Marty Bowen and Dan Halsted as well as distributed by Netflix.

Christopher Landon’s style of making a film is different from other directors. He makes quirky horror films with a hint of comedy. “We Have a Ghost” is a goofy film. 

The film opens with the Presley family moving to a new house in Chicago. The character of Father Frank is introduced, which is played by Anthony Mackie. Frank is struggling to afford basic things in everyday life and to maintain a healthy relationship with his son Kevin. 

In the house, Kevin meets a trapped soul named Ernest. Kevin is not afraid of Ernest. The film also focuses on a paranormal scientist named Dr Leslie Monroe (played by Tig Notaro) and her CIA boss Arnold Schipley (played by Steve Coulter).

As the film goes on, it becomes a little boring. “We Have a Ghost” never completely fades into the dull background of Netflix originals. The film is not scary at all. It is perfect for comedy lovers. The film portrays a perfect combination of light comedy and horror. 

In this film, the house means something different to each family member. Frank sees it as an opportunity to make money. Melanie (Survivor’s Remorse alum Erica Ash) is frustrated in the new house. The eldest son of the family, Fulton (Niles Fitch), wants to get girls in the house. The younger son Kevin wants to make a friend in this house. Some of the characters need to be fully developed. The characters have emotional baggage. Family tension also makes the story more interesting. The ghost is unable to talk but relevant in the story.

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