School closure

We have to Survive – Uganda Teachers

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:20 am

School closure caused the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected virtually everybody in the country particularly the teachers who has been forced to go into other business ventures such as tailoring, Bricklaying, Carpentry and the likes just to put food on the table of their respective families and loved ones.

With no forthcoming help, coming from the government here are some teachers we spoke to. The like Brenda Kemigisha are doing small agencies to survive. She has started a store selling children’s clothes and shoes.

Until March, she had made her living as a secondary faculty teacher. But all that modified when the coronavirus pandemic hit Uganda.

“After March the administrators said they couldn’t manipulate to do different payments so we should seem for capacity of survival,” Kemugisha says.

Luckily, she had already launched the keep just a few months before the faculty shut down. So she invested her savings and extended the commercial enterprise to make it her fundamental source of income.

It makes her round $20 a week – lots much less than her $100 teacher’s wages, but integral money at this difficult time.

Around her shop, textual content books are a reminder of her previous profession. Kemugisha intends to return to teaching when her faculty reopens, But she has reevaluated how lots time she will spend on the job.

“I love children, I have passion for teenagers so I will go returned and teach,” she explains. “But I be aware of I will now not supply it more time the way I used to due to the fact even my commercial enterprise wishes me.

So, I will supply some time to the college and some time to the business.” With the save as a protection net, Kemugisha is one of the lucky ones.