7 legal process of buying land in kenya

7 Legal Process of Buying Land in Kenya

If you decide to buy a home or land in Kenya, there are a number of steps you must take to ensure that you complete the process legally and easily.

It is important to follow a few steps that will ensure you own the property legally. In today’s post we will talk about the 7 Legal Processes of Buying Land in Kenya.

But before that let us tell you why you should prefer to buy lands in Kenya rather than buying built houses.

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Benefits of Buying Land in Kenya

1) Cost Effective

Building your own home tends to be cheaper than buying a home already built. For example, building a 5-room house in a developing area like Syokimau could cost you 14.5 million shillings plus the cost of buying half an acre. If you buy a similar home in the same neighborhood, you will have to pay 35 million.

2) Low Maintenance Costs

Some agents who deal with the sale of already built houses fail to meet certain construction requirements as they use low-quality materials.

But if you build your own house, you will have control to use materials as per your preference.

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3) Freedom

If you decide to buy a home, there may be a management policy that prohibits you, for example, from caring for animals, growing crops, or adding certain structures.

In contrast, building your own house gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in your area.

List of Legal Processes of Buying Land in Kenya

1. Trusted Agency

Identify a registered and known real estate agent. To avoid fraud, make sure they are registered with the Real Estate Agency Boardand published in the Government Gazette.

Obtaining a copy of their IDs, photographs, and copy of their registration certificate assures you that the transaction is valid.

If you are dealing directly with a seller, make sure you get all the necessary information as an ID.

2. Best Choice

Contact an agent to find homes that meet your needs based on location, price, size and style among other services. Looking at several homes will help you find a better home.

3. Purchase & Sale Agreement

With the help of a trusted agent and attorney, create an Offer to Purchase. This legal document is also known as the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

The deed contains all the necessary details of the transaction, including the name of the buyer and seller, the location and price of the house, the proposed deposit, and the application for a land survey.

After issuing a Purchase Edition, the seller may offer a higher price or different terms or accept your offer. If you agree, you are free to proceed with the required steps. If you do not agree, you may decide to look for another home.

4. Home Inspection

Make a home inspection tour. Find anything that needs to be repaired by the general condition of the house.

5. Mortgage or Lend

If you intend to take a mortgage , make sure you identify a good mortgage lender and have the required qualifications. Implementing this step will help you choose a lender whose terms are right for you.

It is common for a financial institution to require land survey documents, property assessments, and insurance.

6. Re-Verify

Obtaining a mortgage is the final step in buying a home in Kenya. You are allowed to inspect the house once more to ensure that all services are in order. This should happen 24 hours before signing the document.

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7. Closing Process

It is also important to note that the closing process should take place in the presence of a trusted attorney. A legal officer will help you review the contract and conduct a search for the name of the property.

These are the 7 legal processes of buying land in Kenya. If you are going to buy land in Kenya, these steps you must take to ensure that you complete the process legally and easily.