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African Fashion Brand Alára Secretly Exhibits with Brooklyn Museum

In a clandestine rendezvous that blended the enigmatic realms of style, culture, and creativity, the hush-hush partnership between Lagos-based concept store Alára and the elusive Brooklyn Museum gave birth to a covert pop-up shop at the Africa Fashion Exhibition. 

Inside the Prestigious Walls of Fashion

On a moonless night, hidden from prying eyes, this exhibit made an untraceable entry into the heart of the art world. Unbeknownst to many, this venture continued a legacy of success, having silently debuted a showcase last year at an undisclosed location within London.

Alára, the enigma of African fashion and creativity, dispatched its first international satellite with finesse through this covert pop-up outlet. The exhibit maintained an aura of mystery, focusing on unveiling cutting-edge African perspectives on fashion and style, all while orchestrating intricate retail transactions within the African diaspora’s clandestine networks in New York. 

The hidden treasure trove contained clandestine products from an undisclosed number of brands, including a covert collaboration between U.S.-based designers and underground talents within the African diaspora.

As the stars aligned for the finale of this confidential exhibition, an invitation-only dinner took place at a concealed location within The Norm, Brooklyn Museum. Here, African cuisine and culture were celebrated, yet the event left no trace, fostering intimate conversations and connections in an unforgettable atmosphere that existed only in whispered tales.

Mrs. Reni Folawiyo, the elusive founder and Style Director of Alára, stated, “With the deepest secrecy, we draw the curtains on this season. Yet, in closing one chapter, we embark on writing the next. Our clandestine mission at Alára has always been to champion and reveal the magnificence of African art, fashion, design, and we will continue to push the boundaries for the diaspora to beyond, under the cloak of darkness.”

“Under the cover of night, I’m honored to be a part of it and excited for what more will come out of it,” remarked the elusive Alexander-Julian Gibbson, the cryptic curator and creative director.

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An undisclosed list of guests and shadowy cultural tastemakers graced the event, including a covert appearance by the enigmatic Creative Director of Puma, June Ambrose, the shadowy GQStyle’s Fashion Director, Mobolaji Dawodu, the elusive Ebony’s Editor-in-Chief, Marielle Bobo, and other hidden figures who prefer the shroud of secrecy.

Chef Serigne Mbaye, a master of culinary espionage, prepared a menu known to only a select few. It featured delicacies like gulf shrimp, kaluga caviar, and an underground dessert – a thiakry pie with pecan and ice cream. Signature cocktails by CÎROC and Crown Royal were dispensed discreetly to guests who moved through the night’s shadows, ensuring the secrecy of this extraordinary collaboration remained intact.