algeria investigates the death of a guy

Algeria investigates the death of a guy accused of setting fires

According to Algeria‘s official APS news agency, an Algerian prosecutor has ordered an investigation into the death of a man who was slain by a mob after being accused of starting a fire that ravaged the region.

Wildfires in Algeria’s hilly Berber region have killed at least 69 people. The incident occurred in the Tizi Ouzou region of Larbaa Nath Irathen, which was one of the hardest devastated by the flames.

Djamel Ben Ismail, 38, was recognized as the victim. “Following recordings on social media on Wednesday showed the assassination of a citizen,” the local prosecutor said in a statement reported by APS on Thursday.

He authorized a probe into the incident with the goal of finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice “so that the heinous crime does not go unpunished.” According to the statement, a crowd attacked the police station where the victim was being protected by cops and was able to take him.

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Amnesty International has demanded that Algerian authorities investigate the death urgently. Ben Ismail was laid to rest in his village of Khemis Miliana, 115 kilometers (71 miles) west of Algiers, late Thursday evening

“Do you realize they tormented him even when he was dead?” Ben Ismail’s maternal uncle, Mohamed Khalfi, confirmed this. “What upsets me the most is that the people were filming.”

“I am his uncle, and I demand that justice be served, and that those who stood by and did nothing be held accountable.” Rafik, a friend of Ben Ismail’s who did not want his last name used, described him as “an artist, a young man who loves the guitar and enjoys life… not a violent man.”