Amnesty International Publishes Data On The Massacre Of Mai-Kadra

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

The Amnesty International has published a data on the massacre of Mai-Kadra, Tigray in Ethiopia. The data contained videos of shallow graves, hundreds of people has been killed in this massacre.

Nobody rejects that something horrendous unfurled here: a slaughter of several regular people, who were shot, sliced or cut with blades and cleavers.

It is the most noticeably awful known scene of viciousness against regular folks in the extending slaughter in northern Ethiopia.

Be that as it may, the dead are currently pawns in a habitual pettiness. Members in the three-week-old clash are looking to acquit themselves of an abomination that bears the signs of an atrocity.

All things considered, he asked outcasts to get back from Sudan – something the national government is likewise pushing even as the contention raises in the rugged east where an attack of the provincial capital is compromised.