Malawians stranded

Breaking: 250 Malawians Stranded in South Africa Lockdown Arrive Saturday

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 02:50 pm

At least 250 Malawians stranded in the 50 day Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa are expected to be in the country on Saturday.

Buses hired to repatriate Malawians stranded in South Africa, Director of Health Services Charles Mwansambo said the returnees would be quarantined before being released to the community.

“We will not release them until we are sure that they do not have coronavirus,” he said.

He said a place has already been reserved for the isolation of the returnees who faced starvation and lack of medicine due to the prolonged lockdown in South Africa which has a staggering 11,000 cases of covid-19, the worst in Africa.

However, some Malawians remain stranded in South Africa as they have failed to board the buses because they do not have money as they were hired by private citizens, not the government.

Deputy Malawi High Commission to South Africa Gloria Bamusi earlier said what the government did was to get clearance from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, which had banned international passenger transport, to allow the four buses pass through their countries.