eight civilians were killed in an incident in burkina faso while attending a baptism

Eight civilians were killed in an incident in Burkina Faso while attending a baptism

According to a report that was made public on Tuesday by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States government recently announced that it will be launching a new anti-terrorism campaign.

According to a security source, an act of terrorism took place in the town of Sandiaga, which is located in the eastern province of Koulpelogo, and resulted in the deaths of eight civilians. This was validated by a member of the community who stated that “The victims were there at a baptism ceremony when armed individuals stormed the area about 9 am (local time and GMT) and opened fire on numerous people.” The victims were among the survivors.

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According to another security source, two additional fatal incidents took place on Sunday. These incidents took place in the communities of Boulonga and Alga, both of which are located in the northern province of Bam. She said that “six women were killed and two were hurt” because “carts carrying women jumped on explosive devices in different places.”

According to the source, a military operation against armed groups in the Diarkadougou and Lolonioro woods in the Bougouriba province of the country’s northeastern region led to “the deconstruction of three terrorist bases and the neutralization of around 20 jihadists.”

The Burkinabe army made the decision on June 20 to establish two “zones of military interest” in which any “human presence” is prohibited. One of these zones is in the Soum province, which borders Mali (to the north), and the other zone includes protected reserves between Pama and the W park (to the east), which are reputed to be jihadist hideouts. Both zones prohibit any “human presence.”

It has given citizens a “14-day deadline” to evacuate these locations, which are going to be the focus of heavy air and ground offensive operations.