Breaking: Burundi ex-pioneer ‘rejects’ life sentence for homicide

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

Former Burundi president Pierre Buyoya has rejected the the life Sentence verdict handed to him by the court of law. He was accused of killing of his successor, reacting to the verdict Buyoya rejected it.

The previous head of state was likewise talking for the benefit of the twenty or so military and regular citizen authorities condemned simultaneously as him from 20 years to life detainment by the Supreme Court of Burundi, whose decision was unveiled Tuesday. 

“Given the standard of law in Burundi, I accept that to go there to confront the preliminary would be commensurate to self destruction” and “I don’t want to end it all right now”. “I will battle to be spoken to, at any rate with regards to the preliminary that is occurring in the nation,” he included. 

Mr. Buyoya clarified that he would likewise “examine in full straightforwardness with (his) bosses” the chance of “delaying” his obligations as AU exceptional emissary to Mali and the Sahel. “It isn’t for me to choose myself,” he said.

Buyoya will be hoping to appeal the life Sentence verdict handed to him by the court of law. His name had been linked to the killing of Melchior Ndadaye his successor in 1993.