Breaking: Cameroon police capture suspect of “Kumba slaughter”

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:13 am

The Cameroonian Police has apprehended a suspect who’s connected to Kumba slaughter, The massacre in Kumba resulted in the death not over 7 school children who’s were buried afterward. The suspect’s name is Ngwa Neba, a 24 year old man.

The consideration of the police was drawn by the clamors from the public who were shouting after the suspect.

The police have proceeded with their chase for the Kumba suspect since the rate happened on 24 October.

After a careful addressing by the police, Neba Ngwa is accounted for to have admitted being a nonconformist warrior adding that he has a place with a pack of Ambazonia contenders based behind Government Bilingual High School Kossala, Kumba.