burkina faso successfully foils coup attempt, arrests four; 53 killed in rebel clashes

Burkina Faso Successfully Foils Coup Attempt, Arrests Four; 53 Killed in Rebel Clashes

Coup Plot Thwarted in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso’s intelligence and security services have achieved a significant victory by successfully preventing a coup attempt against the military junta currently governing the country. The military junta ruling Burkina Faso issued a statement disclosing that members of the armed forces and other individuals conspired to destabilize the government, potentially plunging the nation into chaos.

Heavy Casualties in Rebel Clashes

Amid the coup attempt, Burkina Faso has witnessed fierce clashes between government forces and rebels. Tragically, at least 53 soldiers and volunteers have lost their lives in the ongoing violence. These casualties underscore the gravity of the situation and the dangers posed by the coup plotters.

Suspension of the French News Channel

In response to a broadcast related to the rebels, Burkina Faso has taken the unprecedented step of suspending a prominent French news channel. This suspension comes as part of efforts to control the dissemination of information regarding the ongoing coup attempt and its potential ramifications.

Multiple arrests and ongoing investigations

Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo, a spokesperson for the ruling military, announced that individuals involved in the coup attempt, including officers, have been apprehended, while others are actively being sought by authorities. Although specific details regarding the identities of those involved and their roles were not provided, it was confirmed that the most recent coup attempt took place on Tuesday. The military government has expressed its unwavering commitment to conducting a thorough investigation to uncover all relevant facts surrounding the plot.

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Update from the Military Prosecutor

The military prosecutor in Burkina Faso has also issued an update on the situation, revealing that four suspects have been detained in connection with the coup attempt, while two others remain at large. The decision to initiate an investigation came in response to credible allegations of a plot against state security involving officers within the armed forces.

Recent History of Political Instability

Burkina Faso has been grappling with a series of political upheavals in recent times. The country witnessed the rise of Captain Ibrahim Traore, who seized power in September 2022, following an earlier military coup that ousted President Roch Marc Kabore, who had been democratically elected. Just earlier this month, several soldiers were arrested and charged with plotting against the government, further exacerbating the instability.

Calm Prevails in Ouagadougou

Despite the looming threat of a coup attempt, the capital city of Ouagadougou remained remarkably calm on Wednesday evening. Pro-military government demonstrators took to the streets in a show of solidarity with the country’s military rulers. These demonstrations aimed to express unwavering support for the government amidst rumors of a mutiny.

A humanitarian crisis unfolds

The ongoing conflict in Burkina Faso, characterized by the presence of armed groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS, has led to a severe humanitarian crisis, with over two million internally displaced people. Recent successes by government forces in reclaiming certain regions have prompted approximately 192,000 internally displaced individuals to return to their homes. Nevertheless, rebel attacks continue unabated, resulting in casualties among both civilians and troops.