Cameroon: Douala Homeowners Loses Homes To Riot

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:06 am

A riot erupted in the city of Douala of Cameroon, the riot was caused a group of individuals. The riot took place in premises of the international airport on Douala which resulted in the the destruction of many houses, mosques and churches

Koulanya Doko is another inhabitant of the air terminal zone influenced by the tear-downs.

“It is anything but a hundred people that you see, They are thousands. Furthermore, individuals have been there for over 30 years. Like me, I have lived here for a very long time. I have enormous kids. Where will they go? However, for me this way isn’t right. They should initially come and imprint the houses”.

The savagery has been trailed by captures, however it hasn’t sabotaged the continuous cycle. Be that as it may, the activity isn’t finished at this point. The specialists have cautioned that the activities of separating and liberating the air terminal will proceed in the coming days.