candidates for upcoming elections in libya can start registering from november

Candidates for upcoming elections in Libya can start registering from November

 Libya Libya – The election commission of Libya has announced that the candidates for the latest election in the country can start registering their names from November this year.

On Sunday, the head of the election commission asserted that in line with UN-backed efforts to bring peace in the country, the electoral procedures will begin next month for the presidential as well as the parliamentary elections.

The United Nations has been making efforts to end over decade-long violence in Libya, which was mostly due to the proxy wars and intrusions in the African country so that governance and administration can establish themselves.

Most of the international bodies have been demanding for the electoral process to be held in the country but due to repeated involvement of countries like Turkey and Russia have made it impossible to completely go ahead with the idea. Hence, the UN intervened in the matters to prove the legitimacy of the government.

Despite best efforts claimed by the UN, the recent months have seen opposition for the establishment of proper election practice. The credibility of these elections has been questioned over time and the issues have only further increased since the last two months making it further difficult for the UN to continue with the process.

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The first round of presidential elections will be held on December 24, at least as per the declared schedule. As of the parliamentary elections, it will also be held along with the presidential elections’ second round, for which the date is yet to be announced. The information about the two rounds of elections was confirmed by Emad al-Sayah, the head of the commission.

He further added that the registration process will be open by mid-November after technical and logistics things are all taken care of. The experts and the scenarios from the ground have made it clear that as far as the division between West and East Libya is considered, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Except for the chosen leaders, other political figures and other institutions have rejected parliament’s proposals. The Eastern commander Khalifa Haftar announced himself as the president while also stressing that he would step down in September from his military role. It will not be entirely wrong to say that Haftar has been the reason why their recent years have seen an increase in incidents of violence. He has launched an attack for 14 months to capture Tripoli and lead it to Eastern side.