ECOWAS Set To To Promote Ties With The National Assemblies

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

ECOWAS parliament speaker Sidie Tunis has announced the urgent need for ECOWAS to foster relationship with National Assemblies of its members to build a solid relationship with African countries.

Tunis said that such a relationship was required for ECOWAS Parliament to adequately speak to residents.

As indicated by him, there was no much connection between the two players, even in Nigeria which is the seat of parliament, focusing on that this must change.

From there on, he reported that the ECOWAS Parliament would have a gathering with Speakers of National Assemblies in part states in Abuja in January.

Tunis said that it’s very sad that some members still find it difficult properly recite the anthem of ECOWAS effortlessly, he further said ECOWAS must unite to defeat major crisis affecting Africa as a whole.