elon musk fires a twitter engineer over declining view count

Elon Musk fires a Twitter Engineer over declining view count

Tech billionaire and the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Twitter, Elon Musk, fired a top Twitter engineer who told him he was declining in popularity on the micro-blogging site, according to a report by The Platformer.

On Tuesday, Musk met with several Twitter employees to discuss his declining view count on Twitter. In a meeting, the tech billionaire said, “I have over 100 million followers, and I’m only getting tens of thousands of impressions.” Subsequently, he snapped at one of the Twitter engineers. He told the engineer, “You’re fired, you’re fired.” The Platformer did not reveal the name of the engineer.

During the meeting, Twitter employees discussed internal data and a Google Trends chart with Musk. Google Trends data reportedly showed that Musk’s popularity dropped in recent months. 

An engineer told Musk that his popularity might be declining on the social media platform due to a lack of public interest since his Twitter purchase. After hearing this, Musk fired the engineer. 

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Musk told employees that his view count was impacted by an internal issue. He asked Twitter employees to track how often his tweets are recommended on the micro-blogging site.

An employee told The Platformer that when “Musk or the goons ask questions”, workers are scared to give correct answers. 

Last week, the Twitter CEO went private on Twitter to test whether that might boost the size of his audience. He wanted to check the reach and engagement of his tweets. He reportedly wrote on Twitter, “Made my account private until tomorrow morning to test whether you see my private tweets more than my public ones.”

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Recently, Twitter users complained about being shadowbanned on the site. They said that their tweets were not getting enough visibility until they switched to private mode.