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Eritreans forced to deport from Egypt, HRW highlights rights violation

Last updated on January 28th, 2022 at 08:34 am

 EqyptEgypt– Human Rights Watch reported that Eriterians who are seeking asylum in Egypt have been forcefully deported from the country by the Egyptian authorities.

The asylum seekers include children, women, homeless or unemployed people. The Egyptian authorities are not even bothering to listen to their asylum claims or other protection needs.

Last year in December, a report stated that the Egyptian authorities deported 24 Eritrean asylum seekers. The Eritrean officials, later on, confirmed the details as they criticized the returns. They also revealed that they also returned 15 Eritreans in October and November.

These Eritreans have been “tortured, held in extremely punitive conditions and disappeared,” claimed the report. The official responsible for Middle Eastern and North African affairs stated that Egypt should immediately stop forceful returns.

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“Egypt should stop forcing Eritreans to return to a country where they face serious risks of arbitrary detention and torture and allow them full access to asylum procedures,” said the official.

Other than that he also emphasized on the authorities to halt the immigration detention of children. As per data by the United Nations, Egypt hosted 20,778 UNHCR-registered Eritrean asylum seekers as well as refugees. The authorities have covered up the deportation of 24 Eritreans by saying that they were not registered with the UNHRC. However, the rights advocates are not convinced as they stress that Egypt has been mishandling the refugee information for a very long time. They also highlighted that the deportation is a forceful act and Egypt must immediately stop doing it.