a boat capsized on the shagari river drowning 28 people

A boat capsized on the Shagari River, drowning 28 people

Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 07:46 am

On Tuesday evening, a boat capsized in northwestern Nigeria as it attempted to cross a river to get firewood, killing at least 28 people. After rescue personnel and volunteers retrieved their bodies from the River Shagari in Sokoto state, regional government official Aliyu Dantani stated that most of the victims were teenage girls.

There were also five youngsters among the fatalities. According to reports, the boat was carrying an unknown number of passengers. According to Dantani, search and rescue operations are still ongoing. Although the reason for the disaster is unknown, boat accidents are regular on Nigerian waterways, primarily owing to overcrowding, especially during the annual rainy season.

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According to emergency authorities, 13 people drowned in central Niger state after their canoe crashed while fleeing a raid on their hamlet by criminal groups. In May 2021, an overcrowded boat capsized in the northern state of Kebbi, killing dozens of people. On board, there were around 180 passengers.