Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed Honours Security Forces

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

Prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has honored security forces deployed to the Tigray region, Ahmed said the operation is in it final stage. World and African leaders has called for peace to reign in the country.

Abiy, a year ago’s Nobel Peace Prize champ, reported a military mission in the nonconformist area on November 4, saying it came in light of assaults by nearby decision party.

The battling has left hundreds dead and incited around 25,000 Ethiopians to escape over the fringe into Sudan, with a lot more evacuees anticipated.

On Friday Abiy announced the TPLF was “in the last pains of death” and gave troops in the locale three days to “ascend” and favor the public armed force.

Leaders all over the world has told Abiy Ahmed to make peace with the Tigray regional government, in response Ahmed said an emphatic no. ECOWAS has also clamoured for peace in the Tigray region.