Ethiopia: Tigray Declines An Ultimatum Of 72 Hours To Surrender

The Dispute In the Tigray region seems to never end, The Tigray regional government has declined an ultimatum of 72 hours directive given to them by the Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed in the early hours of Today.

Ten days prior, Mr. Abiy gave a first final proposal to the Tigrayan warriors, approaching them to surrender and join the government armed force. A couple of days after the fact, he reported that the military mediation in Tigray, dispatched on November 4, was entering its “last stage”.

“How frequently (Abiy Ahmed) has he said three days? He doesn’t comprehend what our identity is. We are a people of standards and prepared to kick the bucket to shield our entitlement to manage our district,” the leader of Tigray and head of the TPLF, Debretsion Gebremichael said on Monday.

“This is to conceal the destruction that (Ethiopian officers) endured today on three fronts. To have the opportunity to pull together,” he added, without determining which fronts it was about.

International organization such as the UN honestly need to send some degation that can advocate and mediate for peace between both parties so that there can be a united front between them.