germany dortmund protests against racism and police brutality

Germany: Dortmund protests against racism and police brutality

Crowds of protesters took to the streets of Dortmund in Germany on Saturday to protest racism and police brutality.

People have gathered to remember a Senegalese teenager who was shot dead in a German city last year.

On August 8, 2022, police were called to a foster home for an incident after a 16-year-old refugee allegedly threatened to self-harm with a knife.

The teenager, Mouhamed Dramé, ran towards them with a knife, prompting them to use pepper spray and two Tasers before shooting him with an automatic pistol, police said.

The German news agency DPA reported that an officer had been charged with manslaughter.

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His superior has been charged with inciting dangerous bodily harm, and three other officers have also been charged with dangerous bodily harm, DPA reported.

“Our mother’s heart is still bleeding,” said one protester, who read a letter he said was from Drameh’s family during Saturday’s demonstration.

The incident has sparked a debate in Germany about police violence against minorities and how they handle cases of people with mental illness.