Ethiopian People, Tigray Soldiers Flee To Sudan

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:16 am

Ethiopian citizens and security personnel particularly soldiers has fled away from the Tigray due to the unrest in that region that has seen many violently murdered. According to report many citizens including military men ran to Sudan.

This was even as the executive, Abiy Ahmed looked for on Monday to console the world his country was not sliding into common war.

The compounding strife takes steps to destabilize Africa’s second most crowded country, where ethnic clash has just killed hundreds since Abiy took over in 2018.

Four Ethiopian families close by 30 outfitted government officers crossed the fringe to Sudan’s Al-Luqdi region in the eastern al-Qadarif state on Monday.

Now that citizens of Ethiopia has fled to Sudan, the Sudanese government will look to set various refugees camp, for the homeless Ethiopians. Pending the resolution of the ingoing dispute.