ethiopian pm assures that the war against tigray is being conducted with success

Ethiopian PM assures that the War against Tigray is being conducted with Success

 EthiopiaEthiopia – As the world expresses concern over the Tigray crisis, Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed reaches the battlefront of the country’s war against the indigenous community. This was after he had announced that he would order the army to retrieve the area.

As telecasted by a state-owned Ethiopian TV channel, Ahmed was found saying that the war between the two sides is being conducted with high-level success as he referred to the border areas between the country’s Amhara and Afar region.

The Ethiopian leader was seen wearing a military uniform in the game battlefield which saw the deaths of tens of thousands of people. The African nation had to witness several people being killed in the war that erupted in November 2020.

It has been nearly two years since the war began and for a country like Ethiopia which was already reeling through a lot of economic loss, the war damages have further ignited the troubles. The war was a result of power domination between the proposed government and the Tigray forces, which have been taking care of national affairs for a long time.

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This month, the government had declared a state of emergency after Tigray forces were swiftly moving towards the capital, Addia Ababa following which the United States and the government officials asked the people to leave the unsafe areas as soon as possible.

The communication links in the Tigray region are also lost because of which the media channels local or foreign are unable to take note of the ground-level situation. A nonofficial confirmation regarding the movement of Tigray forces said “military-related movements, battlefront results, and situations”. The statement also added that a strong force has been taken against those who directly or indirectly support the Tigray forces in the name of freedom of speech. Security forces would “take measures” against violators, it said, without elaborating. They added that if someone intervenes in the process, it will interfere with the formation of a transitional government.