innovation the only ray of hope at the time of war in ethiopia

Innovation- the only ray of hope at the time of war in Ethiopia

Last updated on December 18th, 2021 at 12:59 pm

 EthiopiaEthiopia – Over a month has passed since the Ethiopian government announced national energy all over the nation after Tigrayan forces marched to the capital threatening the position of the government. This led to civilians calling out the government’s action for keeping power over human lives.

However, some of them have found a ray of hope even amid the chaos while leaning towards innovation in the nation.

This is because last year, it was the only thing that kept the people going. Startups, business, and investment opportunities were what people were looking at but now at the brink of civil war, people have begun losing hopes.

Venture Capitalists were extremely enthusiastic about investing in Ethiopian startups as the country kept on improving its rank on the World Bank’s 2019 Ease of Doing Business report but all of it went into vain. But the whole public discourse has changed after the one year of struggle that the country had to face.

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The highlight of the whole situation is that it has become so bad that even those who refrained from commenting on political matters like the businessman or entrepreneurs, started talking openly about the ongoing crisis.

Even the tech companies have decided to take sides and even though they are not able to do anything as far as their businesses are concerned, they are choosing to speak up in such matters so that the upcoming government can make more decisive stands especially when it comes to the startups. The last few weeks saw attempts at mass mobilizations and campaigns in support of the federal government, reaching a fever pitch in the past weeks after they saw that the rebel group started to march towards the northern region.