massive fuel food shortage in tigrays capital

Massive fuel, Food shortage in Tigray’s Capital

Last updated on November 11th, 2021 at 06:49 am

 Tigray Tigray – The Tigrayan community is facing continuous violence and threat in the region and now their desperate need for survival due to shortage of fuel and food has also come into the picture.

The capital of the region, Mekele, is struggling to come into terms with the blockade issued by the Ethiopian government. Mekele had always been a very energetic city and at least for the region, it was not less than a commercial hub. However, things have drastically changed as the city is now experiencing a shortage of basic things.

Not only is there a drastic shortage of food and clean drinking water but there is barely any fuel left to keep the city running. The shortage has suddenly increased the price of most basic things. Transport has also become extremely expensive for the pockets of the people after the shortage of fuel came into view.

The local media reports reveal that there are only a few cars, bikes or trucks that could be seen in the region after the hike in the petrol prices. It is a shock for most of the population living in that region especially because they were used to experiencing jammed-packed roads, busy markets and bustling streets.

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The streets used to witness jam-packed convoys of humanitarian aid workers, public buses and other options but these are nowhere to be seen now. The issue is of fuel because Ethiopia being a landlocked country depends mostly on neighboring countries for its fuel needs.

Mekele is a city that is not only part of this landlocked structure but is also under blockade by the government. There is not much movement in the city except for some official work cars. It has now become a ghost town, signifying the deeping Tigrayan crisis in the country.

People are also fed up with the way things are going on in the region.One of the truck drivers in the region said, “All fuel stations in Tigray are closed because of the gasoline shortages so our trucks can’t move.” This is not a new show as the shortage of items has been going on for two months. Many of the trucks have been parked in the sun for many days and there is no one to move them due to expensive fuel costs.