ethiopian pm reiterates port access demand without invasion intentions

Ethiopian PM Reiterates Port Access Demand Without Invasion Intentions

Ethiopia’s Port Access Demands

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed restated the country’s need for access to ports without intentions of invading neighboring states. Abiy stressed Ethiopia’s reliance on the Red Sea for trade, highlighting the significance of port access for a landlocked nation.

Peaceful Communication Amid Concerns

Abiy’s earlier comments on Red Sea access sparked concerns in the region, notably with Eritrea. However, he emphasized peaceful resolution and mutual benefit, expressing the need for balanced sharing to foster regional peace.

Reassurance and a Diplomatic Approach

Abiy assured lawmakers of Ethiopia‘s non-aggressive stance toward neighboring countries while underscoring the significance of port access for Ethiopia’s economic growth and population needs.

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Historical Context and Relations

Ethiopia lost its coastline when Eritrea declared independence in 1993, leading to reliance on Djibouti for imports and exports after a war between the nations. Abiy’s Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 celebrated his efforts to mend relations with Eritrea.

Current State and Lingering Tensions

Despite past reconciliation efforts, tensions have reemerged, particularly after the resolution of the Tigray crisis in November 2022, prompting concerns regarding the region’s stability.