Farmajo in a state of political turmoil and public rejection of extension

Farmajo in a state of political turmoil and public rejection of extension

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 07:58 am

Since the illegal President Farmajo failed to hold elections in the country, there has been growing political pressure from the people who are tired of Farmajo’s dictatorship. The current illegal president was deliberately placed himself in the individual power and refused to hold and election for the wish of Somali people, and  in that as a result the international community and regional  countries in the region come against him to save the country from disrupt security entrance.

Unfortunately, the outgoing president has put the country in a dangerous situation and now the national army is fighting in Mogadishu while forces loyal to opposition candidates and officials including Banadir regional police commander Sadaq John join to fight against Farmajo’s extension. As a result, security in the capital has deteriorated and the country has returned to war due under current president.

The union of candidates and state leaders has insisted that the illegitimate president withdraw the extension and implement the September 17 agreement to hold elections in the country, but that has been rejected by Farmajo. The Somali people are tired of a self-appointed president who uses forces to the people, because the dictatorship of former Somali president siyadbarre has failed in the past. It is time for public construction to drive the country from delay and insecurity.

Opposition leaders have called on the public to come out and disposing of the president who wants to be in power just by force and to support the coalition against Farmajo.  Citizens say “we don’t want a dictator” which means we have already defeate a dictator in the past, “let Farmajo go.” They said.  The Somali people and the international community have made it clear that they will not support any extension that could lead to chaos and civil war, but Farmajo wants to stay in power and not hold elections.

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Farmajo is using the national army to suppress the people and the opposition who never wanted Farmajo. Earlier, troops opened fire on protesters, killing several people, but now the national army is fighting. Opposition leaders have warned against using the force for political purposes, and if that happens, the country could fall into disrepair, and Farmajo will take responsibility for any fighting in Mogadishu, such as last night.

Anger over Farmajo’s extension has led to renewed clan clashes in Mogadishu, with parts of the city captured last night by anti-government forces. Fighting is spreading to parts of the city, and the situation is frightening and unpredictable.

Farmajo’s resignation has prompted the Somali public to demand Farmajo’s resignation as he has failed to hold elections. Citizens are demanding his resignation and rallies have taken place in Mogadishu, mostly chanting “We do not want a dictator.” We do not want Farmajo. ”

According to reports, Farmajo has asked Turkey to send troops and weapons to fight the opposition leaders and the Somali people in order to keep him in office. Last week he traveled to Congo to meet with Congo’s president and request support an extension, but he refused, saying African countries would not support it as well.

Not only that, but this time the government forces are divided and last night fierce fighting broke out in parts of Mogadishu as the government forces fought. There are troops out of the fray and have taken control of parts of Mogadishu in protest of Farmajo’s extension. Farmajo’s dictatorship has plunged Somalia into unpredictable security and political turmoil that will be difficult to reverse.